Beth's Story


Name: Beth
About: loves travel, dog mom, fitness junkie 
Goals: weight loss, to feel more comfortable walking, build a regular gym routine
Occupation: Reception Manager
A: I just came back from vacation and I was uncomfortable in my clothes, walking was difficult and I wanted to do so much more exploring but didn’t have the ambition or energy. I saw a story on 6 ABC news about OnPoint and I had to finally do something - it just made sense. So I gave it a try...

A:  Loosing weight and keeping it off is much easier than I thought.  My nutritionist provided me with the perfect tools and guidance to help me reach my goals.  My weight dropped off faster than I expected! I am determined to keep the weight off and not go back into my old ways. 

Before working with our team, Beth was drinking Coke every morning and eating fast food on a daily basis. Leading a healthy lifestyle simply wasn't on her radar. Beth's dislike of most vegetables also make this pretty difficult. 

Beth Weight Loss

A. My eating habits for sure! I don’t eat out much anymore; when I do, I make sure to pick places that will allow me to stay on track. I stopped eating processed foods and started cooking foods with different spices to keep me interested, always searching Pinterest for new recipes.  

A: To absolutely do it!!!!!  It was such a life changing experience for me and it was so easy to do. I now enjoy working out, riding a bike, kayaking, and so many other sports I would have never thought I would do before. I feel great and couldn’t be happier. 

Beth worked exclusively with our team member Ivy Eliff. When Ivy isn't working with clients, she's on her yoga mat, hitting the gym and exploring new restaurants in the city!

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