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The Plus One Program

Embrace the Power of Teamwork


Welcome to our “Plus One” Nutrition Program – where healthy habits bloom through companionship and shared goals. Whether it's with your significant other, a dear friend, or a family member, embarking on a nutrition journey with a plus one amplifies the experience and the outcomes.

Your shared program begins with:

  • One 20-minute Intro session
  • One 25-minute Kick-off session
  • Weekly Skill-building sessions
  • Three 25-minute Stabilization sessions

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personalized plans for pairs

Personalized Plans for Pairs

Every duo is unique, and so should be your nutrition journey. Our experts craft personalized plans that cater to the needs and goals of both individuals, paving a smooth path towards your health aspirations.

celebrate together

Celebrate Together

Nothing beats the joy of celebrating milestones with someone you care about. As you both progress through the program, celebrate the small wins and the big achievements, reinforcing the bond that brought you on this journey.


Step-by-Step Guidance

With professional guidance from our seasoned nutritionists and the unwavering support of your plus one, the road to better health has never been more engaging. Enjoy shared check-ins, custom tools, and continuous support tailored for twos.

Your insurance plan may cover sessions with a Registered Dietitian. Check your eligibility today!

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Imagine heading to work bursting with energy, knowing you're not going to slow down all day because of fatigue. That's freedom you can't buy.”
Than The Essentials Program
My entire life has changed. I'm more confident both socially and professionally. I have so much more energy to keep up with my daughter.
Brandon The Academy Program
I was able to easily maintain my goal weight. I’m already back into my ‘skinny jeans’ and my son is not even 7 months old yet! I used to wear loose fitting pants, and now I do not shy away from form-fitting clothes.
Kristin The Concierge Program

More Awesome Features


Customized Food Logging App

Easy food logging that goes straight to your nutritionist. Get custom tips by logging meals, snacks, drinks exercise and MORE!


Unlimited Messaging

Quickly connect with your nutritionist when you need them most. 24/7 contact keeps you on track between your weekly 1-on-1 sessions.


Recipe Database

Be inspired by 100s of healthy recipes when motivation (and time) is scarce! Access delicious meals, snacks and desserts -- yes, desserts!


Handy Nutrition Guides

Make healthy eating easier with helpful tools! Personalized meal planning guide, portioning guide, grocery shopping lists and MORE!


Personalized Supplement Recommendations

15% discount on medical quality supplements curated by your dietitian, specifically for you.


Monthly Webinars

Stay in-the-know with the latest nutrition tips so you keep making progress. Every month -- and did we mention -- free?!

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It's time to be the hero in your health journey!

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“My team and I would be honored to be part of your health journey! Our priority is your health and happiness; no goal is too big or too small. We look forward to working with you soon!”
Britney Kennedy Founder
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