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Tony first read about OnPoint Nutrition in the July 26th 2015 feature in the Philadelphia Inquirer.  After years of fad diets and realizing that "diets" just dont work, Tony decided it was time for something new. 

He and his wife Elaine have lost a combined 35 lbs working with OnPoint Nutrition.  We are so proud of their success, and look forward to seeing their continued progress!

A: I followed 4 nationally advertised “weight loss” programs over 6 years – and gained it all back.  In July, my Doctor asked, “Have you thought about nutrition counseling?” On July 26th 2015, I read the business section of the Philadelphia Inquirer, which showcased OnPoint Nutrition.  I called Monday.
A:  It’s simple: Diet’s Don't Work.  This is not a “diet”, it’s a lifestyle change that anyone should do every day, every week.  I lost 20 lbs. in 16 weeks by eating! I now know how to make informed nutrition choices with the goal of a healthy life, not just a diet for weight loss.
Tony Weight Loss
A. None of my clothes fit anymore! But other than that, I have had the pleasure of feeling what it’s like to live in my body while it is thriving. I have improved energy, and an improved outlook on my capabilities in life. I’ve been trying to lose weight for nearly 3 years, and always fell short of my goals. Now, with the proper guidance and proper treatment of my chronic condition, I am speeding fast towards my long-term goals and couldn’t be happier.
A: OnPoint Nutrition gave me the tools to achieve my health goals, such as junk-free meal plans that include foods I enjoy.  Using thsee tools, I lost 2 lbs/week while maintaining balanced nutrition! Two Skype counseling sessions per week, OnPoint Bars, Britney’s expertise and coaching skills -and me deciding to “make this work”-, are the keys to success!

Tony worked exclusively with our team member Emily Horstman. When Emily isn't working with clients, she's running, spending time with her husband and experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen!

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